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Us and you

I cannot understand the very similar resemblence of someone with myself when we are not in fact related in any way at all.

Nevertheless there are other similarities, our humour is dark, wicked, cruel and deadly yet no one seems to notice. All you notice is your side of this story.

When I say your story you have all in your own stupid puny heads, the story of Damien and Izabell when we do not identify with these characters. Your story is obbsessed with the Omen of which I have said too much already.

Imagine the tastiest cookie in the world, so tasty they would make Hobnobs taste like sand, digestives like rubble.

The overwelming 'morish' taste might undermine the horror that follows, enough to make you forget and get the graving for another cookie.

What would follow you might be wondering. The feel of a Gecko crawling down your throat tract and into the walls of your belly.

Don't worry, once you have eaten your cookie you will feel as right as rain, you will say I don't believe in this fate crap, I'm in control of my life.

It is such a nice feeling.



Who I am

My name is Andrue. I was born into a world desperately trying to spin out of control when I was simply saying who is stopping you. Bluffing.

I was wheeled to a local hospital in Canada at the age of three months. My mother told the doctor that I had a knot in my belly which was a lie and no doubt was claiming that I was Hitler.

Nevertheless the good doctors had the perfect opportunity to make life uncomfortable for me. Four years later I was on my feet.

I stood on the top landing and noticed that my mothers car keys were in the door. I walked down the stairs took the keys went outside and got into the car. I started it up and drove it into the wall. Just a little reminder to her that I was in better health.

Not a few months later, my mother and father split up. She brought me and my brother back to England. As far as my father is concerned the only memories of him never existed if you understand.

In other words I never knew him and now he has passed away. So has my mother. As far as missing anyone that never happens - if you believe in telepathy you will know.

Where I am

I am in Swansea Wales as well as the Solar system if you are unaware of it's existence. And I mean unaware because we feel the presence of the seven worlds all the time.

What I do

My main love is programming and now programming integrated electronic devices thanks to the Arduino project I like developing software for astronomy, music, DMX lights and all sorts of things.

I have 35 years of programming experience and what I have come to learn is that it is the experience that matters not just what I know. Computers unlike every other walk of life maybe with some exeptions work in the same way.

The fact that they operate in binary illustrates a natural form of trial by ellimination logic. Also, unlike different spoken languages in the world, all computers share common attributes.

The most basic components that are the blood of the core are gates and they all work the same way. All computer programming languages work in ways that make learning new languages straight forward because like gates they follow a simple decision making structure called boolean.

This is why computers are so much fun, they make writing programs easy and you never write the same program again. If you need to reorganise it you have the option of modules or libraries that become your pool of functions that can be invoked by your program. The main point being you never need to reinvent the wheel.

Like me at the beginning in 1984 I searched in my mind for something to start to at least give me something to do. What I did resulted in a job but to get there I had two jobs. My day job was in a factory and when I got home I worked on my computer.

Stan kept asking me to work late, Saturdays and Sundays. Yes I got more money but I wanted time. I still stuck with it though. Nevertheless the point I am making is you need to think of ideas for programs. Don't think of making money, in fact do what a lot of people do, make it OpenSource and give it away. It is the experience you are after at the end of the day.

How to contact me

muscipula666 at googlemail.com

07970 410777

I also am the web-master of two other websites...

The west wales astronomy website

My DMX control software bit of fun website

My DOS software

PcWord was primarily designed by me for my own use as a programmers text editor. It doesn't have any kind of elaborite scripting language but a simple macro system so that text can be processed more convieniantly.

As far as writing source code, the hypertext function is very useful. Rather than searching your code for variable names etc., your code can be linked just like HTML. PcWord is teeming with features and what is more, it was probably the first word processor of it's pedigree that was made freeware.

PcKey, a simple - but effective - typing tutor. The tutorials are made up of scripts, much like DOS batch files, that 'instruct' PcKey. Such as writing messages, positioning the virtual keyboard, highlighting keys on the virtual keyboard, and doing tests. This means you can add to, or customise the standard lessons. A full tutorial is supplied. There is also a simple editor that allows you to do freehand typing, with the virtual keyboard displayed highlited.

Chart, a multilevel flowchart authoring program. The idea is you organise your flowcharts like a tree. You can have a simple chart at the top level that describes the chart at it's basic level - enough to describe the charts function. Each box in the top level can then be broken down with it's own sub-chart and so on. When a sub-chart exits, it will naturally follow the path of it's parent box. Even though this program - under 13KB - works with less than 512KB of RAM it can cram in about 9000 boxes in a single chart with ample space for each box text description.

The funny thing about these three programs were that they had managed to make their way onto the internet before I did. I was very proud of Chart to end up in a list of 100 best programs for research and development, PcKey in a list of typing tutors and RSort in a list of sorting programs. Well done guys.

Oh, it is worth mentioning something ahout the first release of PcWord. The fact that it was released in the same month as Windows 3.0 wasnt a concern for me, it was a good few years before I started to use Windows - at least three.

No version one of PcWord was more of a prank to all of you. I by default disabled fast writing to the raster memory and forced screen output to go via the BIOS. I often joke about how I was woken and startled in my sleep to the screams of laughter as the world watched how slow PcWord was.

Of course in the status menu someone might have pressed 'L', if so no doubt some others would have leading to a major pandemic as the world witnessed the terribly slow piece of machine code become the fastest, most efficient word processor in the world and with live formatting.

Maybe it was because of this reason the computer press ignored every single disk I posted to without even a reply. Jealous and arrogant is what I have to say. Dont worry though the best is yet to come.

Install the software

You can download my software by clicking here. The package comes in a zip file which most of you are used to by now. Windows can unpack the file into a folder, I recommend a folder on the c: drive say c:\talisoft.

Before you can install any of my programs you have to make sure that PkUnzip.EXE is in the command path. At the moment it is in the directory you unpacked the archive. You can add the folder c:\talisoft to the path by bringing up the system properties by right clicking on 'my computer' and click 'properties'. When the dialog appears click on the 'advanced' tab and click on the Environment button. In the system variables list you will find a line that starts with 'path=', if you find it, click on it, then click the edit button. At the end of the second edit box append the text ;c:\talisoft . Click OK, OK, and OK so that the system properties box is finished.

Once unpacked bring up a DOS command prompt from the start menu in accessories and type c: followed by the enter key and cd c:\talisoft followed by enter, then INSTALL followed by enter and follow the on screen instructions.


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